Faith Formation

Saints Peter & Paul School follows the curriculum outlined by the Diocese of Wilmington. Components of the Pre-K to 8 curriculum center upon six fundamental tasks: Promoting Knowledge of the Faith, Liturgical Education, Morale Formation, Teaching to Prayer, and Education for Community Life and Missionary Initiation. Throughout each grade level, children are taught the faith, prayers, and history of the Roman Catholic church as well as the Gospel values of love, forgiveness, honesty, compassion, and service. Students are also expected to live and serve by the principles of these virtues as they navigate throughout life, using them as the foundation to decipher between between right and wrong. In turn, it is our goal that all our students integrate the tenants of our beliefs into all facets of living.

As a school community, students also participate in monthly mass as well as weekly prayer services lead by each class. Service is also a major element of our practices at Saints Peter & Paul School. Through activities such as Operation Christmas Child, Embrace a Child, and Saint Vincent DePaul Society Thanksgiving Drive, our students learn first hand the value of giving and serving our Lord through acts of kindness, charity, and humility.