Engaging Families

We believe that transparency through open, honest, and proactive communication with parents and other stakeholders is critical. Teachers and administration utilize multiple platforms to inform and engage families. Communication modes include a new Learning Management System (LMS) through PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom. Unified Classroom creates a student-centric experience which links teachers, parents, and students in an innovative manner. This K-8 digital classroom combines assessment, instruction, and communication, enabling parents to proactively track their child’s progress as they work collaboratively with educators in a quest to maximize student achievement and accountability.  Data is secure and accessible, allowing parents, teachers, and students the ability to plan, organize, and monitor academic growth. In addition to grades, attendance, and classroom pages, Unified Classroom also provides parents with other social, athletic, and extracurricular events and announcements necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the cultural experiences of our school. In addition to this tool, we also use SchoolMessenger. SchoolMessenger links communication across a multitude of platforms and devices in order to provide our community with emergency alerts, attendance updates, and other notifications via text message, email, phone, and social media.

We're fortunate to have a dynamic and enthusiastic Parent Association. In addition to fundraising, our Parent Association is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment. With a focus on fellowship, there is a significant amount of social activities designed to bring parents within our community together. These annual events include: The Chili Cook-off, Casino Night, Paint Night, and Bingo. Additionally, the Parent Association also coordinates Mentors for new families to our school community. Each new family is assigned a current family. The current family welcomes the new family with a phone call, arranges an informal meeting for coffee or lunch, and then provides information regarding all aspects of the school including academics, activities, volunteer opportunities, fellowship, and social events. This mentor program serves as a tool to welcome and assimilate new families into our community. We also welcome all new families to a “New Parent Breakfast” at the start of the year. Both the Parent Association and Administration introduce new families to the plethora of human, academic, and social resources available at Saints Peter & Paul School.

The administration believes in the value of providing parents with ongoing information. Hence, the principal hosts four “Coffees with the Principal” each school year as well as two “States of the School”. The coffees are informal and designed to take place in a relaxed setting where parents can ask questions and receive personalized answers. States of the School are offered in the evening and are more formal in nature. Parents are given academic, financial, and extracurricular updates.