Pre-K Playground

The classroom environment and learning opportunities are developmentally appropriate and foster spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative growth in the preschooler’s educational experience. Our curriculum offers sequential learning to address Language/Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Art, Music, Spanish, Physical Education, and Technology are incorporated within the framework on a weekly basis in order to provide children with a holistic learning experience. Additionally, students within our Preschool program are taught social etiquette so that they may build successful friendships and thrive in social settings.

The alignment of early childhood and K-3 academic standards are completed through professional development and teacher collaboration that focuses upon the scaffolding of skills necessary to meet the needs of each child. It is further enhanced through family involvement, which is centered around establishing relationships between key stakeholders. Differentiated instruction is maximized through multiple instructional modalities, including: hands-on learning, teacher-directed instruction, play, and peer interaction, all which foster Kindergarten readiness.

There are several indicators of the impact of early education on school readiness and success demonstrated as a result of our Preschool program. These are revealed on the Dial-4 assessment conducted at the end of the Preschool program, prior to entering Kindergarten.  Activities and curriculum are developmentally appropriate with programs that support students in becoming more confident and independent as well as motivated and secure within their environment. A foundation of trust is established which sets up students for a successful transition in future endeavors.