Foreign Language

Our Spanish program begins in PreK and continues through 6th grade. It is influenced by a combination of different approaches and techniques to language teaching and learning. The students have class once a week.

The lessons and activities are practical and centered around the children’s home and school activities in order to enhance the excitement of applying a foreign language to daily tasks. In all grades, lessons are hands-on and fuse various cultural components into the learning experience. In PreK through 6th grade, children are exposed to fundamental skills, vocabulary, common Spanish phrases, and basic conversational elements. Skills are scaffolded each year to ensure the acquisition of basic communicative competencies and a greater appreciation for other cultures and traditions.

Once Students are in 7th grade, they enter into our accelerated Spanish program. At this level, 7th grade students take high school Spanish I. In 8th grade, students then move on to high school Spanish II. Students leave our middle school with two high school foreign language credits. Spanish, and advanced Mathematics offerings are incorporated as an effort to enhance rigor as well as prepare students for high school. Further, providing students with the ability to attain credits in middle school enables our students to take advantage of more academic opportunities in high school.