English Language Arts

Our English Language Arts program focuses on developing the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in our students.  We address standards from the Diocese of Wilmington as well as the State of Maryland. Students in grades K-8 receive appropriate instruction in word study, phonics, spelling, penmanship, grammar, reading strategies, critical thinking strategies, public speaking, and the writing process. A variety of instruction methods are provided to meet the needs of our students, including whole group direct instruction, small group instruction, individualized instruction, differentiation, project-based activities, push in and pull out by our reading specialist, and the use of technology.  Students from grade 3 to 8 are equipped with their own Chromebook, which enhances the use of technology in instruction and differentiation.


In grades K-5, the primary materials used are from Mcgraw- Hill “Treasures”.  In grades 6-8 we use Houghton Mifflin Harcourt “Collections”. These materials were chosen for several reasons. Both programs address the required standards, provide a variety of instructional methods, and integrate technology.  Each program also provides differentiated instruction through ability tiered readings and assessments. Students are exposed to a variety of classical and contemporary works of literature. Students also gain experience with the four main types of writing (Expository, Narrative, Research, and Descriptive) as they learn about audience, tone, style, arrangement, and structure.

Students are assessed regularly on mastery of processes and content they receive during instruction. In addition, we recently implemented the STARS 360 testing program, which provides real-time data for planning instruction.  Students are tested four times a year, and teachers use the detailed information provided to improve instruction and address unique student needs aligned to individual standards and skills.

Our English Language Arts goal is to develop the critical reading, writing,and communicative skills that our students need to be successful as they further their education and begin careers.