Arts (Music, Drama, and Art)

Elementary School Art

The Arts program, grades Pre-K through 8th grade, incorporates hands on learning while focusing on creative and innovative thinking during weekly art classes. This class includes Design Thinking and the Innovator's DNA of associative thinking, observation, questioning, experimentation, and networking. Critical, creative and innovative thinking blossoms through exposure to repetitive lessons in perceiving and responding to objectives by incorporating the Geon theory, the Principles and Elements of Design, and numerous compositional techniques. In addition, historical, social, and cultural art activities incorporate music, history, and traditions. Furthermore, a 3D printer has also been incorporated into art activities to further expose students to problem-solving by drawing preliminary sketches, making final drawings, and creating prototypes. Students take risks using a variety of media. Lastly, students thrive by entering and often winning art contests at the community, state, national, and international level.

Music and Drama Departments strive to develop students in PreK through 8th grade by teaching an understanding of and appreciation for music and performing arts.  We establish knowledge of our large cultural diversities and provide opportunities which allow all facets of curriculum development including Art, History, Math, Science and Literature.  The musical understanding and performances enrich the students socially and intellectually. They provide an outlet of creativity and self-expression for students to assert their uniqueness.  The experiences offered here enhance the students’ school day and exalts the human spirit and quality of life. Through partnerships with the Talbot County and Maryland State Art Council, we enhance academic classroom instruction by providing several musical and artistic assemblies each year. Students are able to apply experiences and lessons with opportunities to perform in two plays per year, or through participation in our school choir or band.